Here is a list of innovation/entrepreneurship/product development oriented courses that are offered at San Francisco State


Department, course name, and number


Computer Science

Software development: CSC 413

App Design and Development: CSC 650 (UG) CSC 780 (Grad)

Bioinformatics for drug Discovery: CSC 857


Apparel Design and Merchandizing

Product Development for Apparel: ADM 665 (UG)


Design and Industry

Product Design: DAI 410

Developing, Patenting and Marketing Your Idea: DAI 450


Information systems

Building Business Applications: ISYS 350

Business Application Design and Development with .NET: ISYS 512


International Business

Social Entrepreneurship in Global context: IBUS 676

Creativity for Managers: A Global Perspective: IBUS 841

Cross-Cultural Innovation and Creativity in Business and Management: IBUS 531



Creativity and Innovation: MKGMT 650



New Product Design and Development: MKTG 688 (UG) and MKTG 888 (Grad)